03 June 2010

Sewing Up a Storm!

I am having soooo much fun using Zozobugbaby Patterns! I really am! Last night I made this dress.  It is too cute and Stella Marie calls it her Strawberry Shortcake Dress!

Today we took pics and it just was not workin for her or me. We ended up at the farmers market.

Don't ask me why my watermark is going across the pic either. It is just one of those days!

This was my attempt to make a knot dress without a pattern and then realized my sewing machine does not do button holes so I then added a loop on the back via Zozobugbaby and there we go a crazy creation with a little of this and a little of that.

Lastly I added some lace to a tank top from Target!

Don't laugh Stella Marie loved it!She was telling me what I should make her next and it had lots of purple in it!


  1. Such great fabric combinations - you can never go wrong with zebra! So Cute!

  2. LOVE the colors/fabrics you put together! You have such a good eye for that!

    I also LOVE the lace tank! So simple, yet look how beautiful it made a simple tank top look! I need to try that one out for sure!

    Great job!

  3. Great job! You are doing so good! You may have the next up and coming Etsy shop!!

  4. Wow!! LOVE the Strawberry shortcake dress! Love all of the dresses you have made- and lace on the tank top- so cute Jenn!!

  5. Nice Jen!!:) I'm impressed!! I just haven't had the time to practice sewing:) I would LOVE too though! I got the clothes on Tues and Paris looks so cute in the houndstooth shirt/dress :) The floral pants fit nicely too! The rest she will have to grow into:) Let me know when you get your stuff. I shipped yesterday.

  6. I love these!! Good job, I'm super impressed! I {as we all know} embellish stuff like that tank all the time, its great! You get something unique in seconds. Stella's got a good eye and so does her mommy! :) xoxox

  7. Hey Jen, do you know when Fleur L'enfant is going to get stock in their clothes? And are they as pricey as Es & Es kids?

  8. Love, love, love it all, Jenn!!!! SM is just such a beauty!!!!! Oh, and I got the outfit the other day....it is ADORABLE! Fits great! Thanks so much!!!

  9. Awesome work! You certainly have a flair for it. I'm certain you're well chuffed. :-)


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