05 June 2010

YAY!!!! Congrats! We have another Winner! & other stuff!

We have another winner. Number 16 from Random.org.! I wish I knew how to get it to show on the post.

Jennifer email me with what you would like out of my available resales, your address and I will send you out your choice next week.

Yay! This is fun.

Stella Marie got her hair cut. I am still deciding if I like it. My friend did it. Of course she asked if I wanted layers and I said yes and then I get home and see this cute pic of this little girl that looks like Stella Marie and I thought oh man this would have been cute.

So far the hair cut has helped with the tangles. My friend only took off about an inch and it looks like she took off tons. Curly hair is sooo weird.

 Here is a pic of a hair cut that I think would look great on Stella Marie someday!
But this is not her.

The funny thing is my husband chimes in saying you really need to be careful when you cut her hair she is a model you know! I thought I was going to laugh so hard.

I am sooo excited I get the Fleur L'enfant clothes this week to photograph! Yes I do!!!!

I can't show pics until she posts them in her store.

Anyone that knows me knows this is sooo hard but I can do it!!!

I am thinking about a give-away for one of her sets I have. It has never been worn only tried on  because Stella Marie has decided it is itchy.

This set is far from itchy.

I am thinking about doing a give-away for this set if I get 60 followers.

If not I may just post it for resale. I am still not sure. Let me know what you think.

Here is a pic of this gorgeous set.

This set is gorgeous right????

It is a size 5.

I LOVE it!

It is actually sunny in WA.

I am sooo happy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

I plan I posting resales at least once this weekend so check back!


  1. OMGOSH!!! You can't do a giveaways because I probably won't win {winning evy's tree hoodie was crazy dumb luck!!} I want's it!!!!:) How much?:) hee hee:) CAN'T WAIT for the Fleur pics!!! Omg!!

    Love the new hair cut on Stella!!:) Yes, I know alllll about curly hair! If you take 1" it's like taking 2-3, depending on how curly it really is:) Mine isn't as curly as Stella's but once I started cutting mine I {didn't get my 1st hair cut until i was 25} was shocked as to how short it looked once dry!! But now it doesn't grow as long as it use too?!?! Your hubby is so sweet:) lol! I was thought it was so cute that he was thinking about Stella and her modeling career!! It's unusual for men to think that way =) It's VERY hot and humid here in Va Beach so we'll be in the pool all day:) Have a good one!!

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  3. ok, deleted that last comment because i went back and reread what you wrote, and ummmmm, totally misread! and to think that i am an 8th grade literature teacher?! ha!

    congrats to the winner! i love that pic of the lil girl in black and i think that your daughters hair would look beautiful like that!

  4. Hee Hee! Jenni you are so funny! I went in an added the stuff about it not being SM after reading your post. I know this girl is gorgeous but Sm is not that old yet! LOL!

  5. LOVE the Fleur L'enfant set! LOVE!!! And the pictures are going to be beautiful. The suspense is killing me. Stella looks adorable with her new cut. Curly hair is so beautiful! I hoped Lane would inherit the curls like my son did- but nope. Straight and thin like mine. Oh well. Hope you have a beautiful Saturday!! xo


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