14 July 2010

Dream Spun Kids

I had so much fun the other day taking pics....

Here are a couple more in the gorgeous outfits from Dream Spun Kids.

Stella Marie was just cracking me up in these pics. She kepts drinking out of the cup which had nothing in it and calling out to the boys "TEA BOYS"!

She really is a hoot!


  1. These pictures are truly gorgeous, Jenn! The color is stunning.

  2. haha! cashlen is hilarious too, on a smaller scale, 17 months, feedin her babies capri suns and spoonin stuff in their mouths, i love lil girls! and boys are totally awesome in a totally different way. great pics, i could imagine her talking while looking at them

  3. Love your pics! You really do have a talent! My fav is the second from the bottom....Stella is adorable with her little pinky up sipping her pretend tea! : )

    Btw, I went to buy the little lavendar dress she had on in yesterday's pics and they don't have it listed. Did they make it special for you? I LOVE it!!!

  4. She should have it listed or at least a version of it. I think I requested purple because it is SM's fav color but she should have it listed!

  5. YA it is there it is called the Pettiskirt dress!

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