13 July 2010

Lillianna Marie Designs and the Stella Marie headband!

I have been blessed  so much lately!!!

The latest blessing came by way of Lillianna Marie Designs.

Nicole the owner is sooo sweet. I first discovered her when she was doing a fundraiser for the sweet Layla a little girl that was fighting for her life against cancer.

I bought the flower and was in love with her product.

Her stuff is made sooo very well.

I took this pic and posted it on her page some time ago.

Well the other day she had a contest and I won. She told me she would be sending a few other things with the prize and asked if I could photograph them.

I was like sure no problem.......

Then I got the two bags of goodies in the mail!!!!!

She sent me sooooo much stuff!

Gorgeous headbands!

Here are a couple more I just loved.

She even named the first pic I took after Stella Marie!

How cool is that!

I think Etsy is going to be really tired of Miss. Stella Marie!

Both of these gorgeous outfits come from Dream Spun Kids!

Her stuff is just timeless!

You will be seeing lots more of the purple dress. It is Stella Marie's Birthday Dress!

She is sooo excited for her party!

We took pics for her invitations to her tea party!

I really can not believe my baby girl will be three years old in August!

How time flies by!


  1. Wow I swear my heart started to beat a little faster seeing those gorgeous clips and then that purple dress is amazing...oh how I can't wait to see more! Stella Marie is always so picture perfect, I love seeing her pictures and as I have always said she could sell me anything! Great pics Jenn.

  2. These pics are so great of Stella Marie... she is an adorable little girl.

    Love her birthday dress, she looks like a princess in it. :)

  3. Awe thank you Jen for being so sweet to me. I'm so excited to have SM as my newest model, she is so beautiful! Let me know when you are ready for more goodies :)

  4. That purple dress is gorgeous on Stella Marie. She looks like a little fairy wandering through the field!

  5. Stella is such a gorgeous girl and we love Nikki too. Her hair accessories are so beautiful. Love Stella's new clip. The Birthday dress is gorgeous too!! XO

  6. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! These are my all-time favorite pictures you have taken! Her outfits and accessories are gorgeous! (I am headed over to these Etsy shops to check them out now!) She looks stunning in her birthday dress and I cannot wait to see more!

  7. Love that purple dress!!! My baby is turning 3 the end of July! I didn't know they were so close!!!

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