03 July 2010

Ocean Shores we LOVE you!

We just had the best little get away! My husband surprised us with a trip to the Beach.

We were scared because the day we got there it was pouring down rain. It can be tough to be stuck in a hotel with 6 people!

But Grandma came the next day and brought sunshine with her!


This was one of my favorite trips as a family. It was low key and sooo much fun.

The kids LOVE the Ocean!

Ronnie really was having fun but he is just always soooo serious!

The brothers!

Dylan is always following the big guy and it just warms my heart to watch their friendship. I hope they never loose that closeness!

I cried a few tears. My Grandpa used to take my sis and I to this same hotel.

One year ago this weekend my Grandpa got sick and on August 5th we would loose him.

I know he is in a better place but he is sooo missed and will never be forgotten.

He was as American as it gets.

They do not make them like him anymore.

He used to tell me that Japan surrendered because they heard he was coming. He entered the Marines two weeks before the Japaneses surrendered.

I am thankful that I had a wonderful Grandpa!

He was my first LOVE...

Love you Jenny!

Yeah that's me! Wasn't I cute!!!!


  1. Beautiful post. What a nice get away for you all. Love the family pictures- and Ronnie playing in the sand...love it!
    I am so sorry about your grandpa Jenn, he sounds like such a wonderful man. xo

  2. Wow what a beautiful vacation, such great memories and of course fabulous pictures to remember it. Hugs about your grandpa, I am sure he was enjoying watching all of you at the beach.

  3. Yes, I think he will watch over you always Jennifer. I felt his presence all weekend, but I think he just wanted a hot dog.....:)
    Thank you for inviting me to share the memorial! Love, Mom

  4. sooo cute!! yes, that picture of you and your grandpa is adorable! And it looks like you guys had a blast...you are such a beautiful family.

    Ok, your hoodie...I think that is the EXACT same hoodie I have from Anthro {but mine is navy} that I copied the Simple hoodie after. I love it!

    Happy 4th!


  5. Awww, Jenn....I know your pain, and am so sorry for your loss. I can tell that your grandpa really helped to make you the wonderful person that you are today. Loved seeing the pics of your beautiful family! Happy 4th!!! Hugs!!! C

  6. What a fun trip...filled with memories!! You have such an awesome family! Thanks for sharing!

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