28 July 2010

Ronnie Modeling for Naturally Gifted and Spiritually Lifted

These clips/bow ties are adorable!

Naturally Gifted Spiritually Lifted is a brand new store that makes the cutest bows!

The jumper is sooo sweet too! It comes from one of my favorite MOM of 6 shop Red Wagon Kids.

I am hoping to team up with her to do sister/brother sets. So that any Forty Toes that I do would have a matching bow tie!

Sooo cute! This adorable top/dress is from my fav Amazing Gracie!

She has a bunch of resells going on right now on ebay!

If you haven't go fan Amazing Gracie Fan Page so you can get all the up to date info.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words today on FB!


  1. LOve these pics Jenn! So beautiful! xoxo

  2. Cute pics!! I like that idea, Bow tie/hair bow:)

  3. Can you link me to Amazing Gracie's fan page...I would love to check out her resales!

  4. OOO I don't know how Amber! But if you like my FB page Forty Toes there are links on there!

  5. Your kids are soooo stinkin cute! I want to hug him...he's adorable!

  6. Are you doing the photography? Your children are absolutely gorgeous!


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