09 July 2010

Summer at the Wiggins house

My husband was snapping pics this week in our backyard!!!!

Dylan our second born got his leg stuck in the handle going up the latter of the climber the other day.

I was not happy and didn't get a pic all that ran through my head was calling the Fire Department etc....

But when I asked why he informed me he was focused on the licorice I had brought outside and that is how it happened.

Ronald our baby boy said night night last night during our bed time ritual...

I got tears in my eyes....

The last six years I have been pregnant at this time for each of our children and it sunk in last night that this is it ......

No more babies in the Wiggins household......


  1. Girl, I've been thinking the same thing....no more babies for me:( The hubby just got taken care of {if ya know what i mean}. I go back and forth of wanting another one but, too late now! The kids look like they're having a blast! Too cute!

  2. i think these are great pictures, represent just how summer should be!

  3. So sweet! Love these pictures. They look like they are having a ball. Happy Friday Jenn!!


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