10 July 2010

Disney Contest

I entered both kids in a Disney Contest with Child Model Magazine.

Here are the details.

To Vote

First advise guests to add Child Model Magazine Fan Page

(they will need to click like at top of fan page)

Once they have added the fan page they then can use this link and connect directly to the album where your Child(ren) photo(s) are located and vote

This is the direct link to album


Under your childs photo will be simple to follow directions for your family and guests on how to vote for your child.

You can only vote for Henry or Stella Marie to have it count not both.

I am going to do a contest. If you refer the most people to vote and they leave a message on Forty Toes Photography fan page saying they voted and who told them to vote then the person who got the most people to vote gets to pick any item from Forty Toes Clothing.....

1 comment:

  1. I really wish my friends played along...I have tried...Darnit! I need to win something else! Hey! You could have a contest for....who has 3 children sho's name starts with B!! ME ME ME!

    Congrats on Stella's win!


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