21 August 2010

Forty Toes and Ruffle Pants

Okay guys this is my attempt at making ruffle pants with knit!!!

My machine kept wanting to eat the material.

It might be the new needle I bought!

But these pants are tooooooo cute!

They are almost like a skirt but not!

The top was totally Evy Tree inspired.

I LOVE the hair flower from Lillianna  Marie Designs!

I am going to practice on one more pair before I list the set in the shop.

But I plan to have a couple versions up soon. I plan on using the knit ruffle pants for Stella Marie's PJ's this winter.

So you will be seeing lots more of them.


  1. ahhh thanks girl for the shout out and the outfit is DARLING!!! I love knit! Not sure of the weight you are using, but at 75 or 80 ball point {knit} or universal needle should do the trick. If you use a 90 it will probably create holes and jam the machine.

    Oh, and don't pull the material. If you pull it will get uneven and the stitch will be off and sometimes that can jam the machine as well. Just let the machine pull it through.

    Anyway, there's my advice for the night haha. xoxo

  2. Ahhhhh - I LOVE it Jenn!!! My favorite thing you have made so far! The whole outfit is darling and the photos are beautiful, as always! I especially love the editing on that last one!

  3. Cute, cute, cute!!! Love the twirl effect of the pants too!

  4. super cute! love this outfit!!!!

  5. Yes, ditto on what Jenn said!!! I think this is my fave so far!!! I love these pants!!:) Cute outfit Jenn!

  6. Adorable...I have to ask...where did you find the brown striped knit???? I need some :)

  7. So cute!! Knits are so great and comfy!!! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  8. oh wowser wow - those pants are adorable and your daughter certainly does credit to them - they look fabulous!

  9. So Adorable!! I'm starting my first knit project too-- did a little research and found that you shold use a ball point needle and also that it helps to use a tear away stabilizer to stop the machine from eating the fabric. found the tips here:

    Happy sewing and photographing! Love your work.


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