22 August 2010

Gracie and Woobie Wear

I took my first ever pics of someone other than Stella Marie today!

The sweet little girl was introduced to me by my friend and our family photographer Willow.

Gracie got picked to model Woobie Wear for Trendy Tween Magazine.

She really is sooo excited about the modeling process it just makes you smile.

I put her in Forty Toes Clothing and a Kirra's Boutique tutu for the pics.

I think they turned out really cute.


  1. Oh my goodness! You have turned into a fabulous photographer! These look gorgeous. I especially love the one with the balloons!!!

  2. Me too! The balloon picture is so pretty and sweet!

  3. That is great Jenn!! I love your work!! Both the clothes and the pics!!! GO YOU!

  4. LOVING those pictures, especially the first one! your model is just beautiful!!! great job! keep up the hard work mama!!!


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