13 August 2010

Ritchie Rags

I told you guys about the Ritchie Rags doll this week. I think it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Stella Marie is in LOVE.

I still can not believe Ritchie Rags has asked me to photograph more of their clothes...

It is soooo exciting.

I tried to bring a sucker but that was a bust. She would not stop licking it!

I am still so new to this photography thing sooo the sun can be a problem for me. I never realize when I am out there that the shadow is on the face or half on it etc. sooo today was not my easiest shoot.

It is sooo hard not to be critical of yourself. Or is it just me???


  1. Stella is so cute!!! That smile- beautiful! Loving that little doll. Lane is so into carrying dolls around with her, we need to go & check these out.

  2. SWEET! I think you did ROCKING AWESOME! Hugs, Jeramie

  3. Those plaid pants ROCK! Where are they from?

  4. The clothes are from Ritchie Rags too!

  5. Very cute and I think you are doing a great job with the photography! I actually went to school for photography and still forget about shadows and a multitude of other things but if you just keep shooting you will get great pics like you are now!



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