12 August 2010

Pretty in Purple

I spend all this time preparing for pics driving to a new spot etc and sometimes the pics never even turn out.

Well today I threw on our new dress from Zozobugbaby and an old pair of knit pants from Sweet Birdie and told Stella Marie to run outside to take a few pics and I think they turned out sooo cute.

I wanted to see how the headband and flower turned out.

I was asked to make hair pieces for Twendy Tween Magazine for a photo shoot they are doing with my fav

This is one of the 6 pieces I am sending them.

Plus I am finally figuring out how to work Photo shop.

Poor Stella Marie has inherited the Anderson dark circles under her eyes and I have finally figured out how to make them go away!

This picture taking thing has sooo many things to learn.

The headband is listed in my store Forty Toes Clothing.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it Jenn! And how exciting to be in a magazine! You will have to let us all know when it comes out!!!

  2. They turned out SO great! She is always beautiful!


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