08 November 2010

Pretty Me and Lillianna Marie Designs.

This could be my favorite picture of all times.

The owner Nicole was one of the first people to have confidence in me when I started taking pictures of clothes for Etsy sellers.

I still remember getting the first box of hair pieces from her. I was in awe!

She sent so many I had no idea where to start.

She has become  a dear friend!

Thank you Nicole!

I also got another set from Pretty Me!

This looks great but this is how it started out.

She was having nothing to do with pictures.

I was getting upset because we live in Washington it rains (POURS) daily! So when the sun is out you have to take advantage.


A kind mother and daughter stopped to try and help.

She informed Stella Marie that Santa was hanging out in the park and that if she was good she might see him!



Stella Marie instantly stopped crying!


  1. How adorable Jenn! Love her new lil Pretty Me set and the LMD Flower! So so pretty!!!

  2. Haha - how funny! And wow - beautiful shots, as always! She is such a doll!

  3. she is adorable and your pictures are beautiful!!! I wish Lola had a head of hair like that, hers is so thin and short! the headbands/accessories always look ravishing in stella marie's hair, she has a head that was made for them!


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