31 January 2011

Pictures and more pictures........

Stella Marie has been working up a storm.

I know I am just her Mom but I adore her.

She modeled this petti tutu for Snugabug Tutus.

This very vintage inspired dress for Pish Posh Girls.

She modeled very sweet head pieces for  Jenta 2 Be.

Her prices regularly are amazing but she is even having a 50% off sale for her Birthday.

All my close friends already know this but I LOVE Amazing Gracie.

The designer is a close friend. I own many many many of her pieces and each one is made with love.

So being able to model for her is just too special.

The AMAZING Scarlett's Whimsy made matching head pieces for the Amazing Gracie set.

I was so lucky to photograph her pieces too.

I think that should catch me up for now.

Be on the look out for many more new spring collections. I truly can not believe the photography opportunities coming my way!

I know it is all Stella Marie but it sure is fun!


  1. Beautiful Stella Marie!!! I love Amazing Gracie too!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the pictures Jenn!! Stella Marie has been a busy girl, and she looks like she is loving every minute of your shoots too. xoxo

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Every one of them! Stella Marie does a fabulous job in front of the camera and you do taking the photos!

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