07 February 2011

Winners and the AMAZING Gardenhouse


These GORGEOUS jumpers are just so special.

I can't get over the detail she puts into each one of her pieces.

The HUGE bonus part of shooting her pieces is the fact that I got to shoot pictures for my friend's shop

I use her pieces all the time to style my shoots but never officially got to model for her so having her send out a piece to match the Gardenhouse jumper was a TREAT!.

I still have one more LOVELY jumper to photograph with a head piece from the too cool

So be on the lookout!

I also got a few more pictures in of the too cute

Now for the lucky two winners of the tank top GIVEAWAY!

I used the random.org but I still don't know how to post pictures showing the winners so you just have to trust me.

Brandi Davis
Michelle Showalter Denny

Winners please email me at jennmanderson@yahoo.com and let me know sizes.



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