13 February 2011

Gardenhouse Boutique and Pretty Girl Couture

One more in the series of jumpers from

We took these pictures early in the morning and it was cold and windy right before a rain storm hit.

I think this picture would have looked even better with her shoes off but I was just so THANKFUL she was doing it at all in the cold.

She saw this picture when I was editing and told me that is a pretty picture Mommy!

How cute is that.

The matching head piece from

is just  perfect with this jumper.

I am so lucky she took the time to do it special just for the shoot!

I even managed to get a few head pieces in once I let Stella Marie put a

hoodie on!

This head piece is from the WONDERFUL

Lots more spring lines coming Forty Toes way,

I can't wait to share.........


  1. Jenn! I LOVE this! Would you mind sending me a picture so I could put up in the shop?? Stella Marie is so beautiful! :) xoxo

  2. I love the little vases in the first photo!


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