25 October 2011

WHO's your FAVORITE designer?????

Something NEW to FT'S!

Here are my two youngest in my FAVORITE designer EDEN'S BOUQUET

You will now be able to post your FAVORITE designer to my page!

I just need you to post a picture of your child in your favorite designer design! It can be clothes, hats, shoes etc!!!!

The catch is they must have a fan page to count!

You must tag yourself and the designer's fan page when you post the picture on my page!

The picture with the most likes by Thursday night at midnight PST of every week will be featured on my BLOG Fridays with links to the DESIGER'S store and info on your model!!

This is GREAT for designers to get their names out there and for your child to show off his or her modeling skills!

So get to posting!


  1. Okay, I am totally doing this. Thanks Jenn ~ you always come up with the best ideas :)


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