24 October 2011

WINNER for Peach & Brown Sugar Designs & Whimsical Willow Couture!



30 dollar gift card


custom made dress up to a 6t (62 plus dollar value)


Angie Alford!

CONGRATS ANGIE I know this set has been sought after by all in this AWMAZING giveaway!

**** I am sorry that I had made the mistake and posted the winner early on Monday and within  minutes of realizing I had made a mistake I took the name down! I am sorry for my error! I do this for fun for fans! I do not get paid etc! So THANK YOU for being respectful of that! With that being said Angie I can't wait to hear from you!

Please email me within 48 hours at jennmanderson@yahoo.com to claim your PRIZE!


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