30 July 2014

Big Mama and her journey to be Healthy Mama!

This is one of the HARDEST Blog posts I have EVER done!

I find it so easy to put myself out there for social media but RARELY do I post pictures of me! 

My weight has grown and grown over the last 15 years! 

I have gained 100 pounds! 

Yep you read that right 100 pounds!!!!

I met my husband I was 152 pounds in Law School and Hot if I do say so myself! 

But 4 kids later and I weighed in at 250.6 

13 Days ago! 


Just writing that and saying that is sooooooooo HARD for me but I can do this! 

Growing up in utter chaos we had GOOD food! 

The house could be falling down around us but I am telling you we had good food!

I learned very young there is 

nothing Macaroni and Cheese , Fried Chicken and a Red Velvet cake could not fix! 

I was always athletic so weight did not seem to be an issue! 

But as I got older it was not that easy!

Needless to say I have struggled with food! 

Now I am not blaming anyone! 

I did this to myself! 

I was still in denial about my weight and what I looked like till we took a trip to Chicago to see my husband's family in June!

My husband had tagged me in a picture!

I wanted to die! 

I was mortified! 

I was getting groceries at Costco when we got back from the trip and they had a Vita mix demonstration going on! 

I did not have the money but I did it! 

I bought it! 

I called my husband saying don't spend a dime! 

I just spent all our money on a Vita mix, Fruits and Veggies! 

I am eating two shakes a day and a salad!

I have cut out Sugar, Flour and Meat!

I cut out most dairy but am using a little cheese and dressing on my salad! 

Today is Day 13! 

13 days of NOT CHEATING once! 

I am 244 pounds as of today! 


My goal is to fit in Matilda Jane Clothes! 

I know I am funny!

I plan to master selfies! 

So you guys can watch me on this journey! 

But mostly I need you guys to keep me accountable and just LOVE me through this! 

I hope I too HELP someone else just sharing my story! 

Hugs Jennifer


  1. This really is beautiful! I am so proud of you for sharing your story and I look forward to reading updates on your journey :)

  2. Lots of hugs and encouragement from your neighbors!! Wooohoooooo!!!!!!!!


  3. Good for you! The beginning part of change is always hardest, but you jumped in with both feet! Good luck to you!

  4. Let's do this Momma.....I am with you every single step .....


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