31 July 2014


Throw back Thursday! 

Yes that is me and my Best Friend in College with the flash covering my face! 

See I am not BIG boned! 

I get that a lot lately! Don't worry you are BIG BONED and I just smile! 

When I want to SCREAM no I am NOT! 


SOOOOOOOOO Day 14 was not EASY!

Kids are still out from School! 

If you did not know I have 4 kids! I had them within 5 years! 


The day started off with Ronnie (the baby) and Dylan my second born fighting! 

Like screaming, yelling soooooooooo embarrassing the neighbors must think we are CRAZY fighting! 

I take away their IPADS feed them a smoothie which I enjoy too then head off to swimming lessons! 

Ya things are back on track! 

Well it is PAYDAY so after swimming we head off to Costco to get groceries with 4 kids in tow! 

This time the oldest and Dylan are fighting! 

Soooooooooooooooo embarrassing in public! 

At this point I am in the car the fighting continues I tell them no computers and the oldest looses his marbles CRYING so hard I think I am going to loose my mind! 

I pull the car over and make him get out! 


And while I wait on the side of the road I crack open the walnuts just PLAIN walnuts the kind for baking but I find myself eating a couple handfuls before I am realizing what I am doing! 

I really think I zone out with food! 

Now I am allowing myself nuts while I try to loose weight but they are fatty right handfuls is not good! 


SERIOUSLY being a MOM is the HARDEST job I have ever had! And when I am STRESSED I eat! 

Oh well! 

Thanks for listening! 

I know someday I will look back on these days as the BEST DAYS of my life but SERIOUSLY some days it is sooooooooooo HARD to be a SAHM! 


Those dieting with me when do you weigh yourself???

Daily, Weekly, Monthly!

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