10 July 2010

New tank set!

I am still learning this sewing thing and it is hard. Sooo I thought what can I do to these tank tops I have because there is not as much sewing involved but everyone is starting to post fall clothes and I still have lots and lots of tank tops soooo I thought how about adding sleeves.

It actually worked and then I loved these colors because on Friday Princy n Paris came out with a new hair clip that I just had to have and I had these fabrics and there you go this new tank was born.

LOVE this tutu from Dear Lillie!

So these pics were taken in 5 minutes or less. She was soooo not into taking pics when the big brothers were in the water with their sand buckets.

Did you all hear the good news??? Stella Marie won a contest with Child Model Magazine!

She will be in the Christmas issue! Sooooooo excited.

Here is the pic that won!


  1. YAY Stella!! Congratulations!! Loving your new tank sets and I also LOVE the P-n-P clip. CUTE!! xo

  2. Oh yay! That is so exciting about Stella winning. Keep up updated when the magazine comes out :)

    The new tanks are really cute, great job...

  3. how could she not win, she is adorable! did you just wake up one morning and decide to sew? thats crazy! i love clothes, i think i would be better at having a store front with all my fave designers rather than being one, hehe!

  4. way to go stella! i love that picture that you posted of her announcing that she was the winner!

    your new tanks/shirts are very cute! keep up the great work!

  5. Great work!! Congratulation on the WIN TOO! GO STELLA MARIE!!!!!!!!!!! You are so talented jenn! Great job!

  6. Congratulations on Stella's win! What an absolute doll you have!! : )

    Your stuff is so cute too!

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