10 August 2010

Kanoodle Kids and Jessie Girl Clothing

I was sooooo happy to be asked to take photos for Kanoodles Kids! She will be teaming up with
Fleur l'enfant in the fall so this set is not available yet but let me tell you it is gorgeous!

This will not be making  it's way into my resale pile! It is soft and delicate and is heirloom quality!

I hope someday to see pics of my Granddaughter in it!

I plan to take some more pics in it tomorrow at a historical site!

I really could not imagine pairing it with anything else but Eden's Bouquet!

I also took some holiday pics for  Jessie Girl Clothing too!

This is my second time getting to photograph for her and I can not say how exciting that is to have someone come back for more pics!



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